Welcome to my World

Hey all! This blog is a casual little thing designed to give you a peek into my world and client sessions. To kick it off, I'm sharing some of my favorite things. You know, like Oprah.  Except I'm not giving you anything and I doubt any of you will be squealing and gasping in your seat as you scroll down. Please let me know if I'm wrong, because I'm all for that delicious ego boost.

My absolute favorite thing to do is backpacking! My body is tested, my mind cleared, and my spirit rejuvenated. I remember what is important and where I fit into life. I am small and big at the same time. Of course, it's not always pure zen on our trips. There is usually at least one point on each trip where I wonder why I like it so much. Maybe in a later post I can share some of my favorite, least favorite times. 


Photography. Duh, right? But really, it's changed my life. Most importantly, I can remember things. I've always loved to travel and backpack, I just didn't remember the trips I took. It is absolutely laughable how horrible my memory is. I can reread books and watch movies again and again and always be surprised. Thank you camera for acting as an external hard drive for my brain.

Less practically, photography gives me a way to capture some of that je ne sais quoi we stumble on in life. Do you ever experience something that makes you feel so much you need to capture or express it? It needs to be in a song, dance, painting, poem, something! But, then you remember you don't do any of those things? I felt like an artist with no medium before I befriended my camera. 


Traveling. If you plan a trip and casually mention it within 30 feet of me, beware. I will be joining you. Sorry in advance, but now you've been warned. My sister-in-law just taught me the term FOMO, fear of missing out. I have that in relation to travel. Big time. One week ago I told someone we were taking a break this year with travel. Nothing out of the country. Maybe some camping and backpacking. Maybe stay at home in the Summer (gasp!). We are burned out. We are tired. Move forward one week and we are considering a backpacking trip in Iceland and a bike trip from Vienna to Budapest. There's just too much awesomeness in the world, people. FOMO!!!


Nature. This is a bit redundant, but important enough to have it's own paragraph. Nature is a huge part of why I like backpacking, traveling, and photography. Nature is a huge part of why I like life. It makes me happy and calm and brings me closer to the divine. Some of the most amazing moments in my life are due to Mother Nature. Maybe another future blog post...


This photo. For many reasons. It reminds me that you don't need a fancy camera (thank you iphone and apps) to capture the good moments in life. It reminds me that there are so many good moments in life. It teaches me to let go more. All 3 boys were in nice Sunday clothes and shoes (the coonskin cap was added after church, I promise) and I was all torn up over whether I should let them wade. And once they got wet despite me trying to prevent it, how far I should let it go.  I'm so glad I got over myself enough to let this snippet of time happen. Oh, and while I'm telling you all the things this photo teaches me, how about the lesson I can never quite seem to fully grasp:  that if there is water, my boys WILL get wet. Period. 

What are some of your favorite things?